Player Insights, an in depth game analytics tool by Isolation Games
(Currently in Closed Alpha)


Take the confusion away from knowing your players.

Player Insights gives you understanding of your players’ game sessions. Allowing you to track game events, record errors, and analyse both the in-game and real-world money purchases your players make.


  • Track player interaction throughout your game
  • Multi platform games supported
  • Customisable event tracking
  • In-depth drilldown reporting
  • Secure, private & GDPR compliant


At Player Insights we have a strong ethos of working ethically with a big focus on privacy and transparency.

While other game analytics tools sell your data to their premium clients, Player Insights takes your data seriously.

We do not give yours or your gamers’ data to other users, to external advertisers or anyone else.

Your data is owned by you. So you can take it with you if you decide to leave!

For the devs


  • Easy REST API Implementation
  • Customisable Event Data
  • Exstenive Developer Documentation
  • Error logging

Future features

  • Game Engine plugins for faster implementation in popular engines
  • Open Source example implementation repositories
  • Error management
  • Notifications